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corporate finance services uae

Corporate Finance Services UAE

Investment Consultancy

finance advisory

Our services to formulate investing and management strategies


We make financial restructuring simple by offering the best financial strategies for your company.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Mergers & Acquisitions practices aid companies to allow structural and sustainable transformation at each critical stage. We ensure to select the right business that adds value.

Real Estate Transactions

Better management of investment, divestment, and many other aspects of real estate budgeting.

Valuation & Business Modelling

We estimate the correct valuation of businesses and compare enterprises to their contemporary peers in the industry.

Debt/Equity Sourcing & Advisory

With us securing equity/debt financing can be an easier process.

Transaction Support

We try to offer this necessary part of the financing decision.

The First Check’s clientele includes government organizations, sole proprietorships, family owned businesses, private equity, high networth individuals, shareholders, creditors and multinational corporations. Whatever the requirement, our team will provide insightful and decisive financial advice and seamless, customized solutions from the first stage of the transaction right up to its completion.

We will bring all of our industry expertise and transactional know-how to the table to make sure that the outcome is successful for the client. The First Check is one of the leading corporate finance advisory services in uae. We Create & Protect the Sustainable Value of your Business. Corporate Finance in UAE can be accelerated if handled by consultancy services that understand the banking environment and can appropriately convey the requirements. In our Financial Advisory Services, we do not take a defensive approach. We move forward, defining the unknown and framing issues before you encounter them. 

Advantages of Corporate Finance Services UAE

1. Compare Hurdle Rate

Compares the various projects based on the situational rate complexities and finds a suitable course of action for each of the stated projects to leverage their limits

2. Take Decision

Corporate finance services UAE helps a business to make strong financial decisions. The chosen course of action is followed through, and the related control measures are taken to help the growth of the business.

3. Build a Financial Strategy

Corporate finance helps define a financial strategy based on organizational parameters, which help achieve the maximum profit possible for a business.

4. Build Relationship

Corporate finance eases the relationship that exists between the stockholders and the management is maintained, and it is seen that there is no animosity between each other.

5. Decipher the Future

A set of corrective measures gets determined, which acts as a guideline for the company to follow accordingly, which helps to grow further in the near future.

6. Helps in Tax Savings

Paves out a way for the business entity to save tax by having a clear view of the books of accounts, which helps your business to grow further Paves out a way for the business entity to save tax by having a clear view of the books of accounts, which helps your business to grow further.

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