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The Importance of Corporate Tax Planning in Dubai, UAE for a Business

Corporate tax planning is the arrangement of the financial activities in such a way that maximum tax benefits are enjoyed by making use of all beneficial provisions in the tax laws. It also entitles the assesses toavail certain rebates,exemptions,deductions and reliefs so as to minimize his tax liability.

Objectives of Corporate Tax Planning

Corporate Tax planning is a channelization of taxable income to different investment plans.

It involves generating white money that flows freely and results in the sound progress of the economy.

A proper tax planning aims at conforming provisions of the tax laws.

Need for Corporate Tax Planning

There are benefits of corporate tax planning for both large and small businesses and its planning plays an important role in:

  • Reducing the tax rates
  • Lowering the amount of taxable income
  • Maximum tax relief available

Techniques of Corporate Tax Planning in Dubai

Like any other jurisdiction,corporate tax planning in Dubai involves various strategies that aims at minimizing the tax liabilities while remaining compliant with the laws and regulations.

1 – Tax Incentives

Similar to the other countries Dubai also offers various tax incentives along with the exemptions to attract new businesses with their domain.

2 – Capital Allowances and Deductions

In order to reduce the burden of taxable income companies can take advantage of capital allowances and deductions which implies under Dubai’s taxation law and it includes writing of bad debts,amortization,depreciation and other capital expenditure.

3 – Treaties of Tax

Dubai offers the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement i.e. DTAAs with various other countries around the world. Double Taxation means taxing the same income twice in the hands of an assesses. These treaties can be leveraged to minimize the tax liabilities by reducing double taxation of the income earned in Dubai.

4 – Profit Depatriation

Various strategies have been followed by the companies operating in Dubai to repatriate profits to their home countries in a tax efficient manner. It also includes activities like dividend distribution, intercompany loans and other financial instruments.

5 – Documentation and Compliance

As per experienced financial consultants’ documentation and compliance practices play an important role for the various aspects of tax planning in Dubai.Such activities help in maintaining comprehensive records to support tax positions that helps in reducing the risks related with tax audits and disputes with the dignified tax authorities.


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